Being a part of a co-op preschool is a unique experience. Because of involvement with the school and their child’s education, families create strong support systems, friendships, and further their understanding of young children and child development. A co-op model has three components:

  • Volunteering in the classroom: parents support, encourage, play with, and extend children’s experiences in the classroom. Families work in the classroom approximately 11 (two day class) or 14 (three day class) workdays a year.books
  • Parent Ed: once a month families meet with our resident parent educators from Whatcom Community College to discuss current and relevant topics surrounding parenting, early childhood, and education as well as information regarding working with children in the classroom.
  • Family Job: each family is responsible for a job (assigned with input from the family as to best fit) at the preschool. Jobs range from organizing the supply cabinet, maintenance, librarian, scholastic book orders, and fundraising, to board positions such as president and class representative.